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Travelling with Children in Spain

In terms of people's attitudes, Spain is a very child friendly country. You are very unlikely to be refused entry to a restaurant, for example, and children are usually allowed in bars.

However, Spain does not have the UK's safety culture: climbing frames are often built on concrete, high chairs come without safety straps and you may not be able to get a child-seat in your hire car. It would be wise to bring the following items:


  • a car seat (unless you have already arranged one with the car hire company)
  • a set of reins or a special universal high chair restraint (available from Mothercare)
  • a carry cot - some hotels will supply cots, but you should not assume that your hotel will be able to do so.

Older children

  • a booster seat/ car seat (again, though, check with your car hire company)
  • Sun cream and sun hat. Although this is widely available in Spain (and cheap!), it is best to bring some for the first day at least. Specialist items, like sun protective clothing or children’s sunglasses are not common in Spain, and if you are worried, you should buy these before you come.

Other necessities like baby Formula milk, nappies, wipes, etc. are all widely available in Spain (see list below).

Baby / toddler items available in Spain

Formula milk

  • Milupa Aptimil - as in the UK, the tin labelled "1" is for babies up to 4 months (or later if the baby has been breast fed) and "2" is for older babies.
  • Hero - one of the cheaper brands and comes in versions 1 (blue tin, for younger babies), 2 (pink tin) and 2 with probiotic formula (green tin).
  • Nestle - various types. Again tins marked "1" are for younger babies and tins marked "2" for older babies.
  • Almiron - various types and made by the same manufacturer as Cow and Gate. However these are generally only available in pharmacies and you should not rely on being able to find any.
  • Specialist formulas, including soya formula are available in pharmacies.

  • Spanish formula milk comes with metric scoops. 1 scoop is usually used with 30mls (rather than 1 oz) of water.
  • SMA, any organic baby milk and Farley’s milk are not readily available in Spain. If one of these is the only thing your child will drink, you should bring some with you.
  • Ready mixed formula is much less common in Spain and is usually only available in formula type 2 (for babies 4 months and up)

Baby Food

Various types of baby food are available in Spain, including Hero, Nestle and Hipp Organic. The variety, however, is nothing like that in the UK. Rusks are not available, although you can buy "baby biscuits" which are like small Rich Tea biscuits. Organic baby food is available, but is much less common.

NB - All baby foods in Spain contain a small amount of salt, even where the equivalent brand in the UK does not. It has to be said that this doesn’t seem to be a problem - babies do not die of salt poisoning in Spain - but if you are worried you should bring some with you.

Nappies and Wipes

  • Huggies - exactly the same as in the UK
  • Dodot - Pampers, more or less (made by the same manufacturer)
  • Johnson&Johnson (wipes) - the same as in the UK
  • Other cheaper brands are also available and as in the UK, quality varies. For those thinking of moving to Spain, reusable nappies and accessories are either unavailable or extremely hard to get.


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