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Getting About in Spain

Trains and buses

Trains in Spain are generally clean, punctual and relatively cheap. Buses are less punctual, but are very cheap. Both forms of transport serve all major cities, although you may find that you have to go a long way out of your way if you want to take the train. For more information on the trains visit the National Railway company’s website at

Return tickets are usually twice the price of a single, so when ordering tickets you would usually just say the name of the destination, or (to be polite) Un billete a....por favour

Driving tips

  • Spain drives on the right, therefore the rightmost lane on a motorway is the slowest - Spanish drivers seldom use it except when cutting you up or undertaking.
  • You go anti-clockwise around roundabouts, and you may need to push-in fairly agressively when busy (unless you like the sound of car horns).
  • The speed limit is 120KM/hour on dual carriageways (100KM/hour on single carriageways) unless marked otherwise.
  • If you miss a turning, look out for a Cambio de Sentido (change direction) sign.
  • Tailgating is very common in the fast lanes... just pull over quickly) and let them past.
  • Keep a very close look-out for signs, they tend to be either on the junction you are looking for, or 1KM before (then you have guess which of the next three or four turnings is the one the signpost refers to).
  • Be extra careful if you drive a non-Spanish car. Spanish drivers are even more impatient with foreign-plated cars, repairs can cost a fortune (particularly for right-hand-drive cars) and insurance is expensive and hard to get.
  • Petrol is called gasolina, and a petrol station is a gasolinera. The pumps are colour coded the same as they are in the UK, so diesel (diesel or gasoil) pipes are black and unleaded petrol is green.
  • Watch out for roundabouts where the main road continues through the middle - you have to turn off to the right in order to turn left. They can be very confusing.

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