Teaching English as a foreign language in Spain

There are many jobs in Spain for teachers of English, although most are very badly paid compared to those in the UK. There is also a ready market for private lessons if you are prepared to travel a little and donít mind teaching children. You do not necessarily need any qualifications in teaching, but something like a TEFL certificate is a good idea if only to give you a taster of what teaching English is like.

The going rate for a job in a small academia de idiomas (private language school) is 7 - 10 Euros an hour. Better paid jobs are available in private schools and universities, but you may find that you need to be a fully qualified teacher for those jobs.

If you have a TEFL certificate you may be able to find a job before you arrive. Most jobs start in late September so you should plan to arrive then and start trawling the internet and the job sections of UK national newspapers from April onwards. A good place for online TEFL employment ads is the vacancies section of TESOL Spain's website. Alternatively, you could try searching for academias de idiomas in your chosen area on The Spanish Yellow Pages and contact them directly. The advertisers below may also be able to help.


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