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Handy Spanish Phrases

Even if you don't speak much Spanish, it is polite to at least make something of an effort. In general, the Spanish will appreciate this and your stay in Spain will be more pleasant. Here is a brief guide to phrases you should know.

Hello: In general, this is hola (pronounced "o-la", with the stress on the "o"). If you are talking to an older person, then buenas dias ("bu-en-as di-as") is more polite, or buenas tardes ("bu-en-as tard-es") if it is the afternoon. Sometimes the Spanish will use adios ("ad-i-os") if they are just greeting you in the street - you should reply with another adios.

Goodbye: adios (as above), or, if you mean "see you later" then hasta luego ("ast-a lu-e-go") or even hast la vista.

Please: por favor ("por fav-or" - both "r"s are pronounced). When asking for something in a restaurant you don't need to say the Spanish equivalent of "can I have..." - it is polite enough to just say the thing you want and por favor.

Thankyou: gracias ("gra-thi-as" in Castillian Spanish, or "gra-si-as" in S. America or Andalucia).

Do you speak English?: habla ingles? ("ab-la in-gles?")

coffee: cafe con leche ("ca-fay con lech-ay") for white (milky) coffee or cafe solo for black coffee

beer: cerveza ("ther-beth-a", or "ser-bes-a" in S. America or Andalucia)

orange juice: zumo de nranja ("thu-mo de nar-an-Ha" where the H is the "ch" sound in "loch"). If you would like freshly squeezed orange juice (and you should try it - it's very cheap in Spain), then ask for a zumo de naranja natural.

cheese: queso ("ke-so")

ham: jamon ("Ham-on")

a cheese and ham toasted sandwich: un sandwich mixto ("un sand-wich mix-to") or un sandwich con queso y jamon


1: uno ("un-o")
2: dos ("dos")
3: tres ("tres")
4: cuatro ("quat-roe")
5: cinco ("thin-koe")
6: seis ("se-is")
7: siete ("si-et-ay")
8: ocho ("och-o")
9: nueve ("nu-ev-ay")
10: diez ("di-eth")
11: once ("on-thay")
12: doce ("do-thay")
13: trece ("tre-thay")
14: quatorce ("cat-or-thay")
15: quince ("kin-thay")
100: cien ("thi-en")
200: dos ciento ("dos ci-en-toe")


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