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Making the Move: UK - Spain Removals

Moving to Spain is fairly easy, once you have found your house, that is. There are many removal companies that handle European removals. There are even some that specialise in it, although as far as I'm aware, there's no particular advantage with these. Obviously if you hire a lorry with removal men to take you to Spain as soon as possible, youíre looking at a fairly hefty price (and prices vary considerably)

Part-Load Removals

A part-load is where the removal company collects your belongings, and then stores them until they can be added to a container with items belonging to other customers a full This method takes longer obviously, but usually you should see your things within a couple of weeks. Do make sure you have given the Spanish address in its fullest possible form though, or you may find you have to wait an extra few weeks for the company at the Spanish end to find your house. Also remember that it's common for boxes to take a bashing when being exported and many insurance firms won't cover your breakables unless they have been packed by the removal company.

Driving yourself

Of course the other option is to hire or buy a van and move everything yourself. If you do this, be sure to take a full itinerary with you in case Spanish customs ask for it (you are expected to provide this even if you are moving from another EU country). As itís a long way to Spain, youíll probably want to book hotels with secure parking along the way, or take the Portsmouth to Santander/ Bilbao ferry, which takes 2 days but does mean a lot less driving once you get to Spain. The drive itself is well worth it though and youíll get to see a little of your new home. Most of the main roads are almost traffic free and youíll be pleasantly surprised at the lack of jams even in Madrid, unless you happen to be passing by during Spanish rush hour (1pm-3pm and 7pm-8.30 ish). The roadside cafes are fantastic - great menus, great value and of course the scenery is fabulous. Just donít take the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry in October (itís rough) and donít expect small petrol stations to take plastic! (but also see "driving" in the general tips section).

Removal Costs

Removal costs can vary widely, so make sure you get several quotes before comitting to an overseas removals company. However, do make sure that you check that each company is giving you a quote for the same thing: not all companies offer door to door service and some may take longer than others to actually deliver your goods.

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