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Holidays in Spain

Spain is great for holidays. Whether you want a week of sun sea and sand, or whether you’re after a more cultural holiday, Spain has something for you.

Ronda Mountains

The Ronda Mountains in Malaga Province

Things to bring
On the coasts, many British foods (like baked beans, gravy, salad cream, tea bags) are available at a small-ish premium. If you are travelling inland and you cannot do without any of these things, you should bring some with you. Tea bags are a particular problem for Brits in Spain - Spanish tea is very weak and tasteless. Also instant coffee tastes different here - if you are addicted to your own particular brand you should bring some of that too. Having said that, a cup of cafe con leche (or milky coffee) in a cafeteria is very reasonably priced and delicious!

Also if you are even thinking about going away from the coast at all, bring a phrase book. You’ll find it a lot easier.

Recommended reading (in association with

Guide books

Footprint Andalucia Handbook: The Travel Guide This guide is indispensable for visitors to Andalucia. It is accurate, entertaining and provides a wealth of information for everyone from surfers to hikers (and ordinary tourists!). It is also not as well known as other guides and therefore you have some chance of actually being able to stay at one of the hotels it recommends!

A very readable and interesting guide to Barcelona, which includes notes on the city's history, architechture and people.

For visitors to other areas in Spain, we recommend the Rough Guides series, as the most user-friendly (and useful) guidebooks around.

The Rough Guide to Spain
The Pocket Rough Guide to Madrid
The Rough Guide to Mallorca and Menorca

Phrase books

The Rough Guide to Spanish (A Dictionary Phrasebook)
An excellent all-round phrase book and good value for money.

Collins Language Survival Guide: Spain
A good phrase book, but also a handy reference for any visitor to Spain. It includes illustrated practiacal information on everything from parking meters to types of milk.

Spanish for Dummies
A more in-depth phrase book and dictionary, ideal for the beginner. Some Amazon reviewers gave poor reviews because the book teaches Latin American Spanish. Ignore those: Latin American Spanish is quite similar to the European variety.


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