Internet Connections in Spain


To find out if ADSL is available in your area, have a look at this site: ADSL coverage in Spain. Click on your province and then look for Name of the telephone exchange closest to you - if it says "disponible" then you can get ADSL.

If you can get ADSL, then there are a number of companies which offer access, including Movistar and Terra. Each company has different offers at different times so you should check them all.

The sites listed above are all in Spanish. If you need an ADSL connection, but don't speak Spanish then there are a number of local English-speaking companies who may be able to help you. Check the local ex-pat press for details, and expect to pay extra.

Dial-up Internet Connections

Various packages are available, including 24 hr "tarifa plana" (flat rate) packages in which you pay a set amount each month and no phone call charges. Sites to have a look at (again, all in Spanish) are: Orange Spain, Movistar and Terra

General Internet Links

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