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Au-pair work in Spain

Au Pairs
As in other countries, there is an au-pair system in Spain whereby you help with the children and housework in return for free bed and board and low pay ("pocket money"). It is not a particularly good way to earn a living, but becoming an au pair in Spain can be a good way to learn more about the Spanish language and culture without too many risks.

If you are thinking of becoming an au-pair, make sure you agree terms with your employer very clearly before you accept the job. You should discuss, for example, exactly what type of housework and how much is required, what your own eating arrangements will be and when your normal hours of work will be in order to avoid arguments later.

There are very few au-pair agencies in Spain, so your best bet would be to sign up with an internet au-pair agency. Most sites will not charge you initially to advertise, but will charge a fairly low fee if you want to contact a family. Most will also offer advice on settling in, and on visa requirements etc (although potential au-pairs from the UK do not need a visa to work in Spain).


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