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Topic: Do they have Registered Childminders in Spain ?
User: Rachel Masterman (view profile)15 Nov 2008 - 23:17
Hi everyone..I am a Registered Childminder and I am thinking of moving to Spain in the near future..I would love to know if there is a requirement for British Childminders to work in Spain ?

User: granaina (view profile)21 Nov 2008 - 15:03
no, they don't (in answer to your title question).

childcare in the uk and childcare in spain are hugely different. staff ratios in nuseries are much higher in spain, and there is no registration system for childminders.

Some british parents may like to use a childminder, but nurseries are very cheap, and I think you'd struggle to fill places to be honest. Plus with no registration system, you wouldn't be insured either (that wouldn't particularly bother me as a parent, but it may bother you).

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