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Topic: Does anyone claim spanish child benefit?
User: shezbo40 (view profile)21 Jan 2008 - 23:25
Does anyone claim child benefit in Spain.  We have been told that after paying our social here in Spain for 6 months then because we have more than two children we can claim the spanish benefit?? Anyone any idea how much it is??  Does anyone still get the UK child benefit???

User: granaina (view profile)22 Jan 2008 - 21:56
it's not much - don't get too excited. Currently E500 per year max (it gets cut with income) - see You do now get a one off  payment of 2500 (or, I think 3500 for families with 3+ children) though, but that's only if your child was born after Nov 07, and I'm not sure if it's cash or a deduction of tax.

As for UK child benefit - if you were caught you'd have to pay it all back.

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