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Topic: schools in alicante
User: cj (view profile)3 Sep 2007 - 13:16
hi everyone!! does anyone have any info on schools in alicante? i have a list off the internet but its not very helpful, is there a web site with more info on state schools in this area? any help is greatfully recieved! id also like to hear from anyone living out there i would love to know what life is really like and things to do for children.

User: shar.richards (view profile)10 Sep 2007 - 00:24
Hi you need to search the Spain sites for state schools in each area ie and pu in schools in the town you want, it is diificult to find the state schools web sited though.

I have a few on my website in Albatera to give you an idea what to look for.......
Good luck

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