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Topic: Au- pair, what is the going rate?
User: bennett (view profile)7 Jun 2007 - 11:33
Hi there, I am new to this foram & just wanted a bit of advice. We are thinking of moving to spain in the near future. We have 4 children all under the age of 6, including twins that are nearly 2. I was wondering if any one could tell me what is the average weekly wage for a live in au- pair in spain working on average about 25 hours a week. Many Thanks

User: granaina (view profile)12 Jun 2007 - 09:54
round here, non-live in au-pairs get 6-8 Euros per hour. Since you have 4 young children I think you'll need to pay 8 or even more for someone with enough experience to cope. I think it's usual to pay hourly but to deduct some rent if you have a live in au-pair.

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