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Topic: Nursery and Childrens Day Care
User: Rachel NNEB (view profile)1 May 2007 - 21:14
I am currently in the process of setting up a Private Nursery and Day Care Centre for young children in Guardamar, Costa Blanca. I am interested to hear of any useful information from prospective parents. I am English and will be teaching the children spanish to prepare them for main stream Spanish School. I would love to hear anyones thoughts on opening times you would require?
Prices you would feel happy to pay?
What ages of children would be using the day care?
Would you need the day care during school holidays?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

User: granaina (view profile)2 May 2007 - 12:48
Rachel - have you checked out the competition? Spanish nurseries are very cheap indeed, and English children of nursery age generally pick up Spanish easily.

I think you may be better off advertising to Spanish parents as an English nursery: there is an English nursery here and it charges about 50% more than most nurseries.

User: Nickiand Martin (view profile)4 May 2007 - 11:17
Hello, I am a Nursery Nurse in England and my partner and I are looking to move to Spain and we are after some advise really. I have heard that my Level 3 qualification is not valid in Spain and I was wondering whether there would be any jobs for me out there. We are looking to move to the Costa Blanca also in a place called Cabo Roig. At first I am looking for anything really, chilminding (as long as it makes some money) nannying (which is what i'm doing at the moment, or working in a day nursery which I have 2 years experience in. I would be so grateful for your help as I have come to a bit of a dead end. Thanks Nicki

User: Rachel NNEB (view profile)6 May 2007 - 15:03
Hiya Nicki, In reply to your question I think it does depend on who your qualification board is. I took my NNEB in June 1990 with the national nursery examination board. Normally you would take your certificate & transcript (testimony of the course subjects and dates achieved)to a solicitor here in Spain, He will then translate all of this and send over to a national body in Madrid where your qualification is approved for use in Spain, This does cost a few hundred euros and takes upto 8 months. But dont worry about the time too much as in many cases you can still use the qualification as long as its in the process of being approved. Also, Im sure you will have been advised but 'learn spanish'!, to get any decent job you do need to speak spanish. GOOD LUCK to you both, the weather's gorgeous!!

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