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Topic: Valencia to Madrid?
User: Ryan_LFC (view profile)29 Aug 2008 - 20:12
Hi, i am thinking of travelling from valencia, on a return trip, at the end of october 2008.  i was just wondering if anyone could tell me which would be the best way, and possibly the cheapest way to do this?  i have found out that the duration of the trip by car or bus would be approxiimately 4 hours.  Has anyone made this journey and would like to recommend how to do it?  Thank You for your help, Ryan (Liverpool, England)

User: valenciaapartments (view profile)27 Oct 2008 - 14:30
Hi Brian

Without not doubt the cheapest option is to go by bus. It is not the most comfortable option but definetely is the cheaper one

Don´t do your jorney by train. It is much cheaper to do it by low cost airlane.

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