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Topic: Travel in Spain 2008
User: amoisakis (view profile)17 May 2007 - 18:24
Hello My name is Angie and my husband and I booked a Transatlantinc cruise from Barcelona to New York. We will be arriving in Madrid about 9 days prior. Where should we definitely go? definitely see? How should we travel. We are traveling with a three year old TX

User: valenciavalencia (view profile)6 Jun 2007 - 02:01
Do pop in to Valencia - it is a fantastic mutli-dimensional city that has anything for any taste. The best kept spanish holiday secret

User: admin (view profile)6 Jun 2007 - 09:32
Hi Angie

I would recommend Toledo, which is unlike any other city you'll ever see. I don't know the North of Spain very well so can't personally recommend anywhere else, but I know a lot of people who adore Barcelona: don't cut your visit short to that city!

Travel: coaches are often faster than trains in Spain, although the train is usually easier with a small child so I would suggest a bit of both. Train info is here:, and this is a good site for coach information:

User: dhwall (view profile)2 Jul 2007 - 03:37
I agree about Barcelona.  You could spend a week there and feel like there's more to see.

Or, there's the Andalucia region.  With the hi-speed trains, you can get from Madrid to Seville in a few hours.  Seville is a good place to see and head back.  Or, you can take a bus or train to Ronda and Granada, but that would take another 2 days out of your trip.  More on that here:

User: mikedee1957 (view profile)2 Jul 2007 - 15:25
Surely make sure you get chance to see Granada (the Alhambra particularly) and Seville, a beautiful city but leave a couple of days for Barcelona the best city in the world. The architecture, lifestyle, shopping, sights, and the general atmosphere is electric.
You may not want to leave!!!

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