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Topic: Travel from Sandantar or Bilbao
User: Harmony (view profile)30 Sep 2004 - 14:38
Has anyone traveled from the UK to Torrevieja Area via these seaports by car and what was the jouney like?

Thank you, Jeff

User: granaina (view profile)1 Oct 2004 - 10:32
Well, it took us 12 hours from Bilbao to Malaga, if that helps. The journey was fantastic - hardly any cars on the roads, lots of good scenery. Plus Spanish roadside restaurants are something else - usually small, family run places and very good.

Don't rely on petrol stations in the middle of nowhere being able to take credit cards though - take some cash. And don't whatever you do buy ready made sandwiches in a garage.

User: evansteel196 (view profile)20 Mar 2006 - 20:56
Hi there, can you give me the route you took as I have just got a new european map for when we make our move to southern Spain and I'm unsure which would be the quickest/easiest way to go.Lesley

User: granaina (view profile)21 Mar 2006 - 09:07
I can't remember all the road names, but we took the main road to madrid (which included a couple of toll roads so was very fast), round the madrid bypass, then to granada and on to malaga. It's reasonably well signposted except for the bit around Madrid, but if you make sure you pass madrid mid-morning, or better still, mid siesta (about 3pm) then it's not actually a majhor problem if you miss the turning and go through the city (which we did!). avoid any city at around 2pm though.

User: bobby.roberts (view profile)1 Aug 2006 - 13:27
Hi, we are looking to drive around spain in about 6 weeks (flying in from the UK) we found we can hire a car tp pick up from the major airports on here if we were to start from Bilbao airport what would you suggest is the most enjoyable route?  We are fairly flexible about where we go but would like to take in both madrid and barcelona long the way.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Ta!

User: kaytee (view profile)14 Jan 2007 - 11:44
can anyone offer any advice.  I have lived in Costa Blanca for 16 months-love it. I'm planning a trip end of June to uk, by sea. Taking my too small dogs. can anyone suggest best route for me and dogs. thanks kaytee

User: kaytee (view profile)25 Mar 2007 - 16:26
can anyone help.  I'm planning a trip by car to uk this summer taking my two small dogs. my friends think I'm mad!
I live near Moraira and thought I'd drive mostly on motorways. to Calais/Dover. I plan to stop for two or three nights on route. Can anyone suggest best route.Someone suggested Barcelona,Lion, Dijon. to avoid Paris. Or, Valencia, Zaragosa,S Sabastian,Bordeaux,Paris. This is not all Motorway and as I'll be on my own,navagating may be a problem. Also I don't want any Mountain Roads, unless Motorway. I would appreciate any advise with this also safe places to stay that are dog friendly!
thanks. Kaytee

User: Solo2Spain (view profile)27 Mar 2007 - 21:10
Having once owned a place for over seven years in Costa Blanca I’ve tried most routes back to UK but most enjoy going through France. If you ever catch for the Madrid traffic the north Spain route loses its appeal and is a lesson. Going via Valencia and Zaragoza either to the ferry or up through France is not all motorway but friends prefer it but may not be the best choice for a lady-alone unless her two dogs are big and mean! My choice would be to follow the southern coastline to France and thereafter you could make a choice of Autoroutes north. Personally I prefer those old roads touching both the towns and villages….to sight-see and get lost can be well worth it! It’s when the French can be engagingly helpful. Whatever others may say I have a tales that prove their bon cordial and kindness in crisis. Happy motoring, Katee, and take care.

User: kaytee (view profile)17 May 2007 - 11:10
Thank you Solo2Spain for your advise. I'm still planning my trip to uk in July with 2 small dogs, but,unfortunatly, it won't be a sight- seeing trip. I need to get from Benissa(near Denia) to Santander asap.with my 2 unwilling travellers! I would like to stop over night on route. Can anyone suggest a b&b or Reasonable hotel near Zaragosa that will allow dogs?  Also has anyone any experience of the n234 road from the coast to Zaragosa? Is it reasonable or very twisting and narrow? thanks

User: mikedee1957 (view profile)2 Jul 2007 - 15:31
the route youre looking at is awful.
If youre heading to either santander or bilbao go this way


This route may LOOK longer but assure you its not and its motorway all the way.
(I work in benissa and have done all the routes!!!!!!!)



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