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Topic: Newbie!
User: Fraser18 (view profile)3 Aug 2011 - 01:13
Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and thought id join as i have a lot of questions that i would like your opinions and thoughts on maybe from personal experience.
Firstly I am 18. I have always loved spain and it is a dream to live there one day.

Ive started to think that once I finish my apprenticeship in 12-18 months time that I could then try following the dream because I believe being young, qualified and keen to experience life in spain I should do it early on in my life before I am settled down.I dont know if it is stupid to be thinking of this at such a young age and if this would be a big mistake to do it but its those risks that you need to take or you'll never do it.

I feel I could do it for 6 months or a year to get a 'taster' so to speak and if it didnt work out I could just return home.

I would not like to live in areas which are flooded with british or holidaymakers. I would like to live in areas with more spanish people and experience the true spanish lifestyle and culture. Some british is fine but not that there is more british than spanish folk. I have no specific preference of where to live yet, Im open to suggestions, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to where I should think about living with regards to work and speaking proper spanish unlike places such as barcelona that speak catalan despite my love for barcelona fc. Also more younger folk would be a plus and a good night life too. Any suggestions of where would be good to experience to see if its the life for me?

What would I have to do to go about actually moving to Spain? such as paperwork required and how long it takes to get the essential documents.

I think if I could find an international company for work in Spain or have a job offer before I go that would help, if not then have enough cash to live on for however long I planned to stay - 6months/a year while I tried to find work. How hard is it to find a job this being in areas which you suggest I should find out more about? My area of work is an Electrician. I would be open to do like bar work although i have no experience.

What about a place to stay? In any areas suggested I think the most logical thing to do would be to rent somewhere while I found my feet and figured out if it was the life for me. do you agree? do you have any idea what cost of rent would be like?

If you could help me in anyway possible it would be greatly appreciated.
I had loads of questions in my head but while writing this I can't think of what more to ask just yet. This will do for a start!


User: concha (view profile)4 Aug 2011 - 01:53
I'm also a newbie here. Welcome to both of us I know we'll enjoy our stay here!

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