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Topic: advice in general on a spanish move
User: lplus1 (view profile)27 Jun 2011 - 17:14
11 years ago we sold up lock,stock and barrel in the U.K and moved to Spain.
Had a fantastic time. The euro meant our cash went further and we enjoyed the lifestyle.
6 years ago family illness bought us back and we sold up in Spain.
We are now in a position to Move again if we want to.
We know things have changed in Spain. The euro is now worth pretty much the same as the £ !!
Anyone moved to Spain fairly recently or anyone finding it difficult and wanting to come back??
Up to date advice would be most appreciated.
We are approaching retirement but not quite there yet, but if we sold up in the U.k we know we could stop working now and use the surplus from our U.K house to live on for a time.
Should we do it all again??????

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