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Topic: Working as a counsellor in Spain - language issues / areas?
User: Marlene (view profile)25 Jun 2010 - 19:42
Hi everyone. I am considering moving to Spain. My heat is there

I am a counsellor in private practice.

My issue is that whilst on the one hand I would want to be somewhere that is more Spanish and less ex pat, my Spanish is very basic.

In my line of work I would really need to be fluent. Very fluent.

I do some online/telephone counselling which means location isn't a problem, but about 75% of clients are in person

So I need to be somewhere where there are enough English speaking people to run my counselling practice. And,hopefully in time I could bring my Spanish up to a level where I could take on Spanish clients too.

I am quite familiar with Murcia, but I would like to be somewhere further south round the coast in the Andalucia area.

Can anyone suggest an area that would be appropriate? I would also need to make sure that the English speaking people in the area would be interested in counselling.

Any ideas to get me started on my path would be gratefully received.

Best Wishes

User: Marlene (view profile)25 Jun 2010 - 19:47
Also I forgot to say, I would want to be living on the coast.

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