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Topic: Any one know anything about having to replace pipes from gas cyclinders
User: tweedly (view profile)21 Apr 2009 - 14:43
We have been told we need to replace gas pipes every 4 years, is this true and anyone know who does it?

User: granaina (view profile)24 Apr 2009 - 12:25
That doesn't sound right to me.

In ex-pat areas in Spain rogue "gas maintenance" companies are quite common: they call and ask to check your gas systems. If you say the house is rented (as I did), they'll tell you the landlord asked them to come. *They* say things like "gas pipes need to be changed every x years", and they also have been known to make holes in pipes with a knife. Obviously they then charge you for the replacement work.

I just thought I'd mention that as I wouldn't be surprised if the suggestion that pipes need to be changed every 4 years originally came from one of these companies. I'm not a gas fitter though. You should be able to find a properly registered company in the yellow pages - make sure you use a company with a proper business address, even if it means paying more and do not pay money upfront whatever you do.

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