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Topic: Living in Asturias
User: grahamafox (view profile)4 Nov 2008 - 13:42
We used to live in Asturias and as there's not much about the area on this forum I thought I'd add this info.  I've just completed my web site, a-year-living-in-asturias (dot co dot uk)  Please check it out!  The site is non-commercial and doesn't detract from this forum.  

We spent a year living in Asturias, the whole of 2006 living in Somió, just outside Gijon and loved it.  We wanted to take a year out and live in Spain.  We'd previously just visited Andalucia and just wanted to experience something different.  Asturias is beautiful and we'll never regret our time there.  We made some good friends, both Asturian & Scottish . . . oh and English ! ! !

Cheers,  Graham Fox

User: mountainwalker (view profile)7 Feb 2009 - 16:28
Asturias is nice indeed.
We are currently living in Llanes. Hiking is our hobby and we are visiting the national park of Picos de Europa regularly.
There is a FREE guide to the walking routes in Spain:
By checking the Picos de Europa section you can see what a beautiful place Asturias really is.

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