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Topic: Who recognize EL BACO SEGURO SA Lotto Enterprise in Madrid Spain ?
User: Oche Doko (view profile)24 Oct 2008 - 08:19
Hallo every body,
Especialy, from some one from Madrid Spain, I wish to know about ELBACO SEGURO SA Lotto Enterprise. If you know it, can you advise me who is the winner of EL BACO SEGURO SA lottery on 4 October 2008 ?

User: nsvc@ (view profile)25 Nov 2008 - 15:50
hello oche doko!

this is a reply to your query regarding the winner of el baco seguro on 04 oct 2008.

i was the one of the 10 "lucky winners" of 2008 Euro Million Lottery Award.  but it turned to be an unlucky for me because i wasn't able to claim my prized amount because they are asking for a "municipal task fee" with the amount of 1,256.00 euro before they will be able to transfer the fund alloted for me, but that's according to a certain name Dr. Bekkens Edwin. as much as I really wanted to claim my Prized amount, I did my very best to raise money for the so-called "Municipal Task Fee" and got I only 75.84 spanish euro sent to Dr. Bekkens on Nov. 06, 2008. He assured me that I could have my prized money after 72 hours upon sending the 75.84 spanish euro, even if it's far from the said amount due and that I could just pay the remaining amount once I receive my Prized amount.

when I called up Dr Bekkens to follow-up the transfer of fund, he told me that I have to settle the remaining amount before they will be able to tranfer the Prized amount which is US $ 1.7 M.. I was so disappointed.  I really don't know if it's really a scam or real!

thank you for your time and hope to receive a response from you.

from Philippines

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