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Topic: Online Spanish Courses
User: admin (view profile)31 Jan 2005 - 20:09
We've had a few requests for recommendations for online Spanish courses lately so I thought I would add a few links here.

The first place to look (especially for absolute beginners is the BBC Spanish course at There is a very simple beginner's course, plus various articles and audio files for practice as you start to master the language.

For those who like some kind of human input to check their progress, then the online Spanish course offered by Don Quijote at may be for you. Once you sign up you are assigned a real-life tutor who will mark your assignments and answer questions as you work through the course. Recommended for those who need a bit of extra motivation to get learning!

For book recommendations, see this page:

Buen Suerte!

User: carol (view profile)24 Feb 2005 - 11:39
I have just started the Michel Thomas cd set, and find it easy to understand, anyone try it before?

User: granaina (view profile)24 Feb 2005 - 14:47
Yes! I can still hear MT saying "tieeene" whenever I hear the word "tiene". it's a really good place to start, but as a language teacher I do think you need to do old fashioned grammar exercise and vocan learning as well - he reckons you don't.

User: sarah (view profile)25 Feb 2005 - 11:06

I gave the MT cd set to my mum so she can be more independant when visiting..and she hasn't touched it... "too busy" ugh!

I found the Hugo Spanish in 3 months v useful. It explains everything very clearly and crisply and has lots of simple excersises to consoladate all learnt, plus a very hand verbs booklet.

Best way to learn is with a gorgeous Spanish, non English speaking boyfriend. Too late for me sadly, as married with son!

User: granaina (view profile)25 Feb 2005 - 15:12
where do I get one of those, Sarah?

User: sarah (view profile)25 Feb 2005 - 19:31
Hang around the Granada University campus looking cool and cute and you'll soon find youself on the back of a moped.

User: admin (view profile)7 Jun 2005 - 09:29

User: antonia de gales (view profile)15 Jun 2005 - 17:07
i have to agree with the Spanish boyfriend!!
although i lived in Tenerife for 2 years and learned a lot of Spanish, i was far from fluent. I moved to Alicante with my British Boyf,and after 1.5 years of trying we finally split up.
i now have a guapissimp novio español, who doesnt speak english and in the past year the language has come on leaps and bounds.
in my opinion, courses are great to get the basics, but to reach a high level of fluency you need to try to speak spanish and nothing but spanish.
a good idea is to listen to spanish radio and watch T.V. The news and weather will help you with your listening skills and vocab. In the alicante area(dont know about rest of spain) i listen to ´las cuarenta principales´-spanish top 40 91.00fm-
handy to impress your spanish friends when you have an idea of recent spanish releases.
Go to Spanish bars.- if you stick to the same ones regularly, they´ll get to know you. If you make the effort, they will too.
Hope this has been helpful.
good luck with the Spanish boyfriends...  if i hear of any handsome, rich, single darkheared spaniards i´ll let you know... Watch this space!!!

User: granaina (view profile)16 Jun 2005 - 09:07
Unfortunately, I'm already married, Antonia.

I should listen to Spanish radio more - I used to listen to it all the time in the car, but then the radio was stolen (grrrrr. it must have been worth all of about a fiver as stolen goods).

Perhaps going to bars more is the answer. And I can use those hansome Spaniards you find for me as babysitters!

User: kaz (view profile)25 Oct 2006 - 21:58
I havent tried it yet but a Spanish friend recommended online chat rooms where people speaking various languages are looking for others to practice with

and the best thing is they are free

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