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Topic: Incapacity Benefit switch to Employment Support Allowance
User: willko (view profile)25 Jun 2013 - 13:22
I moved to Spain just over 3 years ago with the blessing of the DWP in UK.

Despite the completion of many forms by my GP and Consultants in Spain which the DWP appeared to have ignored they have moved me into the Employment Support Allowance group.

They have told me that after 12 months on this the UK government will wash its' hands of me and knock me of their system.

I have fully paid up N.I. contributions in the UK.

I asked what am i supposed to live on after that?They said claim through the Spanish Social Security system.

This website says call the Overseas Section of International Pensions to make sure your N.I. contributions are transferred to Spain.

This i have just done only to be informed that N.I. contributions are not transferred within the EU.

Can anyone advise or throw any light on this.

I have paid N.I. contributions all my working life to protect me against the day i am too ill to work.Surely i am protected by some EU directive.

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