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Topic: Burglar alarms in Spain
User: stonepanels (view profile)3 Sep 2010 - 11:15
My house on the Costa del Sol recently got broken into and I decided to purchase a burglar alarm to prevent this from happening again. That appeared easier said than done, I got a few companies in who quoted me anywhere between 1150 euros to well over 2000 euros! I mentioned this while sitting in my local pub and was referred to ww. costaalarms. com, I contacted the company and they came out to view my property, after which I received a quote for a very similar alarm system as the other companies for only 349 Euros. The service of the costa alarms was excellent and so were the references, the alarm was installed within 2 days and works perfectly. How can there be such a price difference in similar alarm systems. Anyway, I can highly recommend ww. costaalarms. com

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