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Topic: Can anyone help! Trying to track down wayward ex-partner who has left 2 children in scotland
User: debbie1001 (view profile)10 May 2009 - 17:37
Hi there
If anyone could give me any advice id really appreciate it. Basically my ex moved to leon several years ago and got married to a spannish girl in 2007. Im trying to track down his address so that I can serve a court order on him. Things are dire for me and my 2 children back in Scotland financially. Their father neither wants to contact them or support them. Is there any way anyone knows of tracking him down. I know he bought a house in Leon.Are there any marriage records or electoral rolls that I can access?
I really need a bit of help please
Debbie x

User: granaina (view profile)11 May 2009 - 12:23
Hi Debbie

I think you can view marriage records at local registry offices, but you'd need to travel to Leon for that (and it would only be in the office local to their address when they were married)

A better bet would probably be to get your solicitor to contact the british consulate for the region. If he got married in Spain, he would have had to get the bans posted at the british consulate, and he would have had to give his address then. If not, they may be able to tell you how you might trace him.

good luck.

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