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Topic: replacement gas tubes!
User: tweedly (view profile)21 Apr 2009 - 14:44
We have been told we need to replace gas pipes every 4 years, is this true and anyone know who does

User: foxbat (view profile)29 Jun 2009 - 03:16
Basically the answer is yes you do, but only in respect of the flexible rubber tubes. The type of rubber used is liable to perish over the years and I believe that a rep from the supplying company can legally request an inspection of the pipes in use.

It is possible that you signed a contract with the suppliers when you first moved in in which case they will have carried out a survey of the installation and will know the expiry dates of the tubing in use at that time.

You can request a visit from your supplying company to carry out a check; I believe a fee is charged for this 'on spec' inspection.

Having said that, if you do get an unscheduled visit from a rep be sure to check his credentials before allowing them into your house or apartment.

There were reported instances of 'fake' reps visiting properties and then charging quite high fees to replace the tubing whether it was due or not!

Replacement tubing has an expiry date printed upon it, and is available from most Ferretarias or big DIY stores such as AKI and Brico and it is possible to do it yourself. Buy and use new hose clips at the same time as you replace the hose. Tighten the hose clips but don't strangle the copper tubing at the appliance.

When completed, turn the gas back on and dribble a little washing up liquid or leak detection fluid on the joints. If there are any leaks they will show up as bubbles in the liquid.

Hope this helps.


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