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Topic: Can anyone help? Relationship break down... Spanish law on property
User: mygirls (view profile)2 Mar 2009 - 08:15
hi without putting many details on here in case its public...

whats the situation with a relationship split, not married.
my father has alot of money in a house and his partner has about 20%

shes lived of his pension in the years that they have been there and continues to do so

i'm looking for any help with regards to how spainish law works...

the property is to be sold and my father will either come back to UK (i hope) or if she trys to take more than enitiled to fight for the beautiful home he has restored

any advoce would be greatly appreciated!!

User: admin (view profile)9 Mar 2009 - 09:44
As far as I'm aware, Spanish law on this is similar to UK law, and the split of the house proceeds will be according to the proportion of ownership as shown on the deeds (whereas, if they were married, she'd be entitled to more)

Your dad does need to see a lawyer though asap.

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