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Topic: Free Satellite T.V.
User: nrsutton (view profile)5 Feb 2009 - 16:46
Hi everyone

This is my first post to the site. One of the thing that bugs me about living over here is no T.V. I heard that you have to have a sky account in england to get Satellite TV over here. Is that true. Are there any easier ways to get english T.V. over here.


User: johnnie1uk (view profile)18 Mar 2009 - 12:17
Get a TDT box and a terrestial aerial, you can change the languages to the version original on lots of the channels

User: satandpcguy (view profile)25 Apr 2009 - 18:41
You can receive about 150plus uk tv and radio channels on an 80cm dish, with no monthly payemnts and no viewing card.

However, to receive the key UK TV channels, like BCB and ITV, you will need a much bigger dish, in some areas, up to 2.4m!!

You do not need to subscribe to sky to watch BBC and ITVs - BBC has been available for free without the need for a sky card for over 5 years, ITV for about 3 years, C4 for about 1 year.

You only need a sky subscription if you want to watch the sky subscription tv channels, just like you would if you were living in the UK!

Spain is also like the UK with reagrds to terrestrial TV - ie tv via your tv aerial.
Many aras in SPain will have their old analogue chanenls switched off in under 100 days, and spansig tv will only be available on the TDT services - the spanish version of the uk freeview system. depending on your area and transmiters, you can get around 30 digital tv channels. the bonus of this is that on many channels, you ar able to change the audio soundtrack of the programmes to the programmes oriinal soundtrack - ie if you can change the language in to engloish for uk and USA dramas and films. this is not always on all programmes but is on many. alos, at for this season and next, La2 and Teledeprte (TVes sports channels) have the righs to the Premier League, and even show some saturday 3pm kick offs. For TD you may need some aerial work, and you will require a tdt receiver.

should you want more information check out my site and many of your satellite tv questions will be answered in there.

hope thie helps.

User: Moricka (view profile)22 Dec 2010 - 16:03
If you are indeed talking about the free satellite television channels then take a look at google. I still remember checking out this single ad that says we can have 1000+ channels right in our computer! Dont know how true though.

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