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Topic: moving to spain as a family
User: griff-1984 (view profile)20 Mar 2012 - 19:46
Currently my mum lives out in benidorm, alicante and i want to move out to spain asap. My partner and 3 children also will be coming out,not neceserilly straight away but asap also. My question is if i find work out there what benefits will we be entitled to. We have a 9, 3 & 6wk year old children.

my mum said we can stay at hers untill we find our feet over there.

Please help

Thanks in advance

User: granaina (view profile)9 May 2012 - 10:17

I'm afraid you are unlikely to be entitled to anything. Tax credits do not exist in Spain. Child benefit does exist, but it's very low, and only payable to families on low incomes. Unemployment benefit is only payable if you have enough contributions (UK contributions count, but if you leave a job in the UK to move to Spain you will not be entitled to it)

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