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Topic: bad removal experience - learn from my mistake
User: mucus (view profile)27 Jul 2009 - 12:19
I recently moved to spain and used a well known british removal company. This company sold me the option of export wrapp my things and they would take particular care of our belongings, especially furniture. Looking after the customer was their strength

In reality what happened was that they damaged furniture and they way we were treated by them was awfull. In one converstaion when i took them to task at their warehouse in spain, they stated they had staked my belongings incorrectly and would repack them (A little late i thought after 4 weeks in storage and a valuable chest was stood on its side). Packing materials were inadequate or damaged from staff clearly stacking to heavy items on delicate wrapping(Also not to spec in the order). One member of staff had stated that they packed my belongings in this way as they had to make a profit.

I took this up with a director of the company who just stated , claim on your insurance we have done what we promissed. What he failed to see was how you feel when someone treats your property wrongly especially when you pay almost £3000 for them to do it and they justify it by telling you they need to make a profit. After reading his email it was obvious why their company operate in this fashion. The directors mantra is make money and don't care for the customers.

Issues we had were.
Inadequate wrapping (called export wrap)
Damaged furniture from staff stacking boxs incorrectly , not transit.
On the day of removal , ordered crates not available and nobody knew where they were.
In adequate number of staff sent to load and pack
Ran out of packing materials and had to transport items to a warehouse to pack and then they used a paper bag.
Instructions for items stacking ignored lost and not communicated to depot in spain.
Depot in spain (English staff) not willing to retrieve items from crates even though this was promissed in sale.

I will post the email from the director in good time. But for now so you all don't get caught. The companies involved were Bishopsmove(International) and Arrowpak

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