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Topic: UK TV set in Ibiza
User: ugthepug (view profile)26 Apr 2009 - 09:53
I have an apartment in Ibiza and I need to replace my TV.
The current TV is a dodgy spanish own brand CRT and I want to replace it with a nice LCD flat screen.
I want to take a UK lcd or plasma TV over to Ibiza but I've been told it may not work with spanish TV.
I'm not bothered about Spanish TV as I have Sky installed.
Does anyone know if a UK TV work with a UK sky digibox over in Ibiza?
Kindest regards

User: satandpcguy (view profile)26 Apr 2009 - 13:17
most external equipment will work with any tv if connected by SCART sockets.
this also applies when connecting a sky box to any tv via scart sockets.

what the issue with spansih tv is that if you plug a spanish tv aerial directly into older uk tvs, then you may get picture but not sounds, as the spanish and uk systems use different sound frequencies. this can be overcome by using a spanish vcr and connecting the spansih tv aerial to the vcr then the vcr to the tv via scart.

some uk freeview (digital tv system for the uk) tvs do not work 100% with the spanish digital tv system TDT. the uk freeview receiver may not scan all the frequencies that are used in spain (like frequency 69), and some uk freeview boxes may not allow you to change the "spanish language" into english language.

hope this helps.

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