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Topic: want to move to spain
User: loulou (view profile)2 Sep 2008 - 19:19
My name is claire i am married with 3 kids we want to move to spain next year but dont know where to start eg what town would mostly suit my family. My husband is a class 1 lorry driver and wants to know where to find work and would the work carry on through out the year.  Is there a childcare scheme over there so that i could go to work to help out with money.  Also what benefits would i be eligible for as over in uk i am entitled to child benefit for children would i still get this.

User: granaina (view profile)15 Sep 2008 - 13:07
Hi Claire

I'm afraid there is no child benefit in Spain (well, there is, but there are a lot of fomrs and it's something in the region of E20 per month. You'd also probabaly not qualify until you are properly registered in the Spanish social security system).

There is some free childcare, but again, it's very complicated and you'd need to be social security registered. I think it varies in different regions, but to qualify for the Andalucia one you have to apply in April for the following September and places are limited. Nursery care though is cheap - E300-400 a month for Mon-Fri 9-2 and children can start pre-school the year the year they turn 3.

the driving work I can't help with, but I do suspect for a year-round job your husband would need to speak Spanish.

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