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Topic: where do we start??????
User: louise (view profile)18 Aug 2008 - 18:45
hi. myself and my partner would likt to move to spain hopefully next year. we have 4 children under the age of 7 so would like advise on the best places to live in spain that are quite family orientated. also where the good schools are.     erm....... we need to know every thing really!! my partner is a diabetic too so he needs insulin. is this something that he would have to pay for in spain or does it come under the spanish nhs like it does here. do you have to have health insurance?  schools and the health care are the two main things we need to know about before going any further. so any one who has any advise at all or who has been in the same boat, moving themselves and 4 children and is it all as complicated as it seems! we have friends who are just packing up and moving to spin in a couple of weeks but to me it does not seem to be all that easy!!! thankyou

User: granaina (view profile)19 Aug 2008 - 17:26
Hi Louise

well, those are big questions but I'll answer as best I can:

schools - as in the UK, most primary schools in the towns (as opposed to the cities) are good, although staff ratios and equipment levels are not as good as they are in the UK. with spanish tuition they should be fine (but do get them spanish tuition. there is extra help for non Spanish speaking children but not always enough and relying on the school will take resources away from the other children)

everywhere in spain is family friendly though - I'd say stick to towns rather than cities and you'll be fine.

Insulin: in general, you have to pay for all medicines in Spain, but with a social security prescription you get a 60% discount. There may be grants available to help with the cost, but don't bank on that. To get the 60% discount (or a grant, if there is one) you will need to be social security registered, which means either getting a job in Spain or getting a special form from the DSS in Newcastle (it's available in certain circumstances and gives the right to Spanish social security for a year or two). You won't get that discount with private medical insurance, but some people get that because they can't face the Spanish social security system.

User: (view profile)25 Aug 2008 - 08:49
I have some guides and useful links. Email me

User: Julz21 (view profile)27 Aug 2008 - 10:34
Hi Louise Because your partner is diabetic you may find that you can get a full medical card for no cost here, this means that you would not have to pay for insulin.
For more info go to this url look under health care links there you will find a link to the gov website and it will give you all the info you need. If your partner has benifit in the U.K. you may find that it will continue here in Spain.

Hope this is some help to you .


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