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Topic: Car Importing, Moped/Scooter Licence any info welcome
User: hayleyb (view profile)16 Jul 2008 - 14:56
Hi there,

I am 20, 21 later this year and am moving to Fuengirola with my Dad within the next few months. We are constantly coming up with questions about anything and everything to do with moving countries (UK -Spain). The biggest questions at the moment are;

1.  My dad has a Uk car and full UK Licence. I know about the 6months thing but am not too clear on it. What is the best way to change the cars plates over to Spanish ones? Anyone have a rough idea about import tax, if there is any? or where i can find some info out about it??

2.  I only have a provisional licence, which is useless in spain. I am looking into getting a moped/scooter but can't find any info other than the minimum age has changed from 14 - 16. And that you attend a driving school for 2 weeks. Do i need to be fluent in spanish or are there english speaking schools with good reputations?? Do you know of any sites that have more info about obtaining spanish licences etc

Thanks for any help you may have


User: granaina (view profile)22 Jul 2008 - 22:34
1. if you're a spanish resident (i.e. you get your resident cert and padron cert), and it's your car, then you don't pay import tax, I don't think. I suggest you look for a gestor in the area you're moving to and ask them about importing it. It's a lot of hassle if you don't speak spanish.

2.I imagine there are moped schools which have english speaking teachers - you'll need to ask around when you get to spain really. judging by the road awareness of most spanish moped riders though I suspect the ourse is rather cursory anyway...

User: Julz21 (view profile)27 Aug 2008 - 10:23
Hi I am new to this forum but I have lived here for 5 years and been through most situations here in Spain. A year ago I started to put together a website to help people relocate to Spain If you go to this url  under the title cars you will find a link to a web site that will answer all your questions about driving and importing a car to Spain. I hope this will be of use to you.


User: dawni007 (view profile)29 Feb 2012 - 11:52
Hi, I am currently helping a friend change his English plated car to spanish plates. We have the ficha tecnica and the first ITV inspection is tomorrow. I am a little confused regarding the 'Baja Consular" Does anyone know at what stage this has to be applied for. Many thanks

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