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Topic: Taking a horse to spain
User: Tracy (view profile)7 Dec 2005 - 18:57
We are looking to take our horse to spain in 2006 obviously we are worried about how he will settle, how he will cope with the heat etc.

He is a New Forest horse

Can anyone reassure me/ give me any tips??


User: waffles (view profile)9 Dec 2005 - 21:00
Hello Tracy, interested to read your post as I am planning to move to Spain with my mare. Although I have land with my house I have decided to put her into livery for starters. Main reason for this is I will then be able to learn how to manage her. I have made extensive enquiries and have learnt that the Spanish horse is mananged differently from the Western horse - feed, farrier, exercise programmes etc. The livery I have found has superb facilities with purpose built boxes that are sited to keep as cool as possible. Turnout is after the heat of the day has passed, or very early in the morning. They also have a farrier who shoes Western, and are in the process of looking at ready made feed mixes. Alternatively I reckon it won't be too expensive to ship feed from the U.K.
It also depends on which area of Spain you are moving to. Northern Spain is rather like England as there is plenty of rainfall = grass. Where I shall be they don't do grass after May, dies off in the heat. They feed a straw mixture.
I'm hoping to move her in the Spring so she can acclimatise and I have been assured that she will not find the heat too much if not too much is asked of her. So I shall probably turn the season for let down around and give her mid summer off rather than January.
I have also been advised to send her by international transporter, rather than attempt to take her myself. Also right hand lorries aren't that easy to drive on the right and there is no re-sale market.
Isn't it exciting? Do let me know whereabouts you are moving too.
My mare is a Clydesdale X so she is a big girl. I think I shall keep her clipped to begin with and see how she does.
Regards W

User: Freckles (view profile)21 Jan 2006 - 21:27
I moved to Spain in Sept 04, and bought my horses out with me, ( 2 appaloosa's)  we were on the coast at first ( between Alicante and Benidorm) and i put them in livery to begin with, it was an english run yard,  we have now moved inland, to just outside a town called Bocairent, ( inbetween Valencia and Alicante) so ive now got my horses at home : o  

I used a company called John Parkers ( number in the Horse & Hound) to move them over it cost about £1700 for the 2 of them, that was door to door, and included all the paperwork and vet check, the horses arrived in great condition, and did not seem stressed at all, they stable them every night as well. Spring/autumn is a good time to bring them, mine came over in the december, i did have to give them a trace clip as they did sweat up when worked, (bring clippers with you)

The heat does not seem to bother them at all, as they tend to be in during the day, my big mare, ( Freckles) grew a really thin coat in the summer, it was so fine you could see all her spots on her skin, so she kept quite cool, my other mare ( Ticky) strangely seemed to hang on to her winter coat for as long as possible, she only started to moult when my other finished!!
photos of them on

Bring your rugs though, as I found they needed rugging at night, (this was on the coast and mine were clipped) where i am now they are rugged most days as well as it can be cold, ( we are up a mountain)

bring fly repelent, fly masks, as they can be a pain, and its good to have some until you find your local tack shop,
hoof moist, or simalar as their feet can dry out, of course this all depends where you are moving to, in fact  bring everything and dont get rid of anything as you can guarantee if you do you will need it!!!

feed--  I import food as my 2 are now in-foal (found a nice appaloosa stud down the road) and I wanted them to get decent food, (husband has contacts in the pet trade, so we get the food trade price) it costs about £170 to bring a pallet of feed over (50 sacks) i use Breakwells,   you can get sugar beet, ( pulpa de remo lacha ) hay tends to be unavailable, so here they feed Alfalfa, you have to be careful not to  feed to much as its quite rich, (3 slices a day max) & eating straw (paja)  this is different to english straw as its finely chopped, I mix it with the alfalfa,

Farrier- I had a nice english one, but im to far away now, so im trying a differnt spanish one this week, (was not impressed with the last one)

Vets seem ok, and not to expensive,

Where are you thinking of moving to?
ive set up a website for anyone moving here or are already here with horses,

the riding here is great, im luckly as ive got miles of off-road hacking, and theres not so many rainy days, (must admit we have just had rain so ive got nice muddy horses!!)

mine live out 27/4, a lot of spainsh yards stable 24/7, and dont have turn-out, but some will if you ask, again this does depend on where your going,
my horses seem much more laid back here, perhaps because they are now out all the time,
ive also just bought 2 more horses, (appaloosa's again)  I bought them in Spain, so ive now got 4 mares,  and 2 on the way, : o

so bring your horses over, they will be fine

feel free to email me, sorry if ive gone on a bit!! ; )

Jenny x

User: waffles (view profile)7 Feb 2006 - 12:04
That's very useful Freckes. I have e-mailed you, hope you recieved it.
Where my mare is going they only do 2hrs turnout a day, so I have asked if she can have turnout overnight. This is her normal routine in livery and seems to work O.K. as she is out when the others are in so doesn't seem to intefere with the yard routine. I'll wait to see what they say.
Another thing I wanted to ask - I shan't be bringing my lorry with me as its a right hand drive. Is it possible to buy a lorry in Spain, or do you just use trailers? No good for me as I pull my cart behind the lorry.
Many thanks. W

User: Freckles (view profile)13 Feb 2006 - 11:04
Hi Waffles,
I did not get your email, are you on hotmail??  as AOL wont always forward it, as it sees it as spam grrrrrr

I should think you will be able to buy a lorry here, as ive seen a few about,  I have a trailer that I bought over with me, I will have to ask a friend of mine where you can get them from.


User: waffles (view profile)16 Feb 2006 - 07:02
Good morning Freckles (Jenny)Thank you for that info'. I would be very pleased on any pointers about buying lorries .
No,I am not on hotmail,am on mailcan. so sorry my e-mail didn't get through.
The main thing I was talking about was feed. Was very interested to hear you bring yours over as that was something I had thought I might do if I could find a carrier. I will take about 6 months supply with me and that will give me some time to find out a bit more. Paja was the name I was trying to think of. Mixed with alfalfa. She should be fine on that. She does consume a lot as she's a big girl.
I'll have a look on your website. Many thanks. W

User: Freckles (view profile)20 Feb 2006 - 15:50
Hi W

ive been using a carrier called Breakwells, they are very good, I think they are based in Kidderminster, they come to spain once a week, they charge about £50 pick up, per load depending where you live, then its about £100 delivery to Spain, I have all my feed on one pallet

what type of feed are you thinking of bringing over?  is just that some can go off/or get mites in, after a certain time, if its pellets that should be ok, but if its a mix like I use,(and mines mollased)  it can go off, especaily in summer when its hot,, I get 50 sacks at a time, but a use a sack in a day and a half!!! and by the time the foals are here i guess it will be a sack a day!!!

im adding to the website at the moment, a list of tack shops,  vets, feed merchants etc..... these are under the 'files' section,

"the website for horse owners in Spain"

User: waffles (view profile)22 Feb 2006 - 21:01
Thanks for that Freckles. I hadn't thought that feed might go off. A sack will usually last her a month - depends on her work load. She's a good doer. So perhaps bringing over a pallett of 50 sacks might not be such a good idea. Shall have to have a rethink. I use Allen & Page feed mix -either Herbal Quiet Mix, or as she needs more she goes onto Hacking Mix. Carriage driving is a discipline that requires a fair amount of energy, so I need to feed accordingly.
I did e-mail A&P but haven't recieved any reply, perhaps I'll phone them, was asking them if they have a distributor in Spain.
I'll make a note of your carriers if I may, and possibly see what their minimum load is.
I looked you up on the map and you are not all that far from me, when I eventually get over to Spain I'll give you a shout - if that's O.K. W

User: Freckles (view profile)23 Feb 2006 - 11:53
yes look me up when your over here.

ive seen a horse feed over here called, 'Havens'
and they do sell it in the tack shop 'Tranco' check my website for more details
Havens website is   its in english

they do a good range of feed.
ive also heard that you can get Spillers feed over here too, but you would need to email them to find out where,
Ive had a feed, called Sunflower, not recommended it looked like dusty old oats!!!  there is a pelleted feed you can get, my 2 did like that, but I cant remember what it was,


User: waffles (view profile)3 Mar 2006 - 20:44
I've made some enquiries about Havens and their U.K. rep is sending me some info' and samples. I've also posted on your group site about it and the yard Centro Hipico el Mas.I have my mare booked in there for livery.W  

User: waffles (view profile)20 Apr 2006 - 07:19
My house sale has fallen through so all plans are on hold.
Is June getting a bit late to take my mare over as it is getting warm then. I know not to travel her July/August. Am I going to have to wait until September. Does depend on the house sale, and knowing my luck everything will happen slap bang in the middle of the summer. W

User: DEEVA (view profile)25 May 2006 - 21:01

User: Horse1 (view profile)16 Jun 2006 - 08:17
It's easy to take a horse to Spain and they usually settle in well. You need to plan though. There are plenty of imported feeds and products available. You need to plan for forrage though because usually the imported horses are not used to straw, which is what is normally available here. But there is hay and HorseHage if you look for it. You also need to be careful and make sure they don't get dehydrated and drink plenty of water. The flies are a little more aggressive here, so fly masks are good too.

User: Freckles (view profile)14 Aug 2006 - 21:51

bringing your horse to Spain is not difficult, ive bought 2 over, ive now got 6!!! bought 2 here and bred 2 foals,

dressage seems to be the thing here, so you should find somewhere,

look out for tack shops (tienda Hipica) as many have cards in for yards, farriers etc... and they can normaly point you in the right direction, I found an Appaloosa stud, by asking in one, hence my 2 foals,

join my free website for horsey owners in spain,


User: farriermagic (view profile)4 Jan 2007 - 18:06
Hello, I am a farrier in England and thinking about moving to Spain. Can anyone give me an idea of the prices charged for a set of shoes and if it varies area to area I am considering the region of MIJAS to relocate mainly because I have holidayed there so many times its like home! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

User: Summer (view profile)15 Jan 2007 - 19:35
I am thinking of moving to spain, Marbella area and am wondering how easy it is to travel the horses and if there are any livery yards with good hacking in that area?

User: lordmare (view profile)18 May 2009 - 09:23
Hi Ya,
Ive have just arrived in Spain with my horses and there loving it. I was surprised to find Baileys horse feeds out here I heard of purina horse feeds but baileys is far greater in my opinion, I would like to know whats on and were can I find out baileys have a forum but they say its new and they need more people to post so if anyone has any info on show jumping I would be delighted to know. thank you.

User: momty (view profile)23 Sep 2009 - 16:10
Hi I am hoping to move around the Antequera area of spain with my arab stallion who is 26 and I have had him 23yrs
I am driving my horsebox myself............... as anyone out there done this and can you give me advise on which route to take...... My friend wants to know if there are any horse show's like B.S.P.S

User: momty (view profile)23 Sep 2009 - 16:12
oh forgot to ask how do you find out about livery yards??????

User: janet1912 (view profile)23 Nov 2009 - 13:27
hi, we have a livery yard on the costa blanca, visit(LINK)

User: momty (view profile)5 Dec 2009 - 16:40
There is'nt much going on in this forum????????????? Hope all of you that hav moved to spain hav settled in ok......
I'm still stuck here in cold wet england, my vet thinks its a brill idea moving to spain and cant think of any reason
why I shud'nt take my horse (Abb) ...... lot of poeple are saying he is to old for the hot weather...... but he wont need as many rugs on at the min he as 3 fleeze and 20tog stable rug.......

User: Aslan (view profile)5 Oct 2011 - 21:15
Did you ever move to Spain? I am doing so with my New Forest. Please could you let me know that you still use this site

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