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Topic: Newly qualified TEFL teacher
User: CazWilson (view profile)4 Jan 2010 - 21:11

I have a 120 hour course TFL qualification which i am looking to use when I move to Spain in September/October 2009. I have worked as a volunteer in an orphanage in Costa Rica for 4 months teaching English to children, taught GCSE Spanish to 16 year olds and worked as a primary literacy assistant part time for a year in the UK. I have lived in Costa Rica for a year before so can speak pretty good Spanish too. Does anybody know the best way to find a decent teaching job in spain? i have no idea where to start!



User: granaina (view profile)19 Jan 2010 - 14:19
Hi Caz

The best way is to choose a city and approach any private acadamias de idiomas you can find. Pay rates may be lower than you are expecting but you can usually find work.

For slightly higher pay / more hours, try looking for english language nurseries (i.e. where Spanish parents send their babies to learn English). look up the businesses in the yellow pages -

good luck!

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