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Topic: Calling on Golf Clubs in your region?
User: jb007uk (view profile)20 May 2009 - 09:27


We are looking for a person who is currently calling on a number of the local golf clubs in your area.  As a result, you will be friendly with the key decision makers who make the day to day decisions at each individual club.  O.K. wha we have is a new piece of patent pending equipment that has been specifically invented to give all golfers the opportunity of completing a full round of golf, wherby under normal circumstances (i.e. health,old age) this would not be possible.  We like to think of our invention as the “missing link” between an electric buggy and electric trolley, although unlike a buggy, one does not sit down on our equipment.  You will now, no doubt, be trying to work out exactly how our equipment works and what it looks like, however todate, we have not had a single person grasp the concept without seeing the equipment in operation and this includes many golf professionals, here in the U.K.

We intend to rent out our equipment to golfers via the golf club and in return they will receive a percentage of the commission generated.  We place our equipment into the golf clubs at our expense along with us being responsible for any maintenance on the equipment.

We will need to agree on remuneration although we prefer to offer the successful person an ongoing commission payment on all rentals. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person to make good money over a period of time for very work as soon as the rentals are in place and fully operational.

Finally, please send full details on your experience/contacts within the industry to and we shall send out further information to anyone whom we feel could be the right person that we are looking for.

Thank you


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