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Topic: Teaching English Startinh This Septmember
User: Abi Jones (view profile)13 Apr 2009 - 19:09

I am a newly qualified CELTA teacher with no experience and thinking about working in Spain.
My concern is with the recession, will there be cutbacks in the number of courses given by language schools (less demand) and hence an abundance of qualified and experienced teachers applying for less jobs and basically i'd be fooling myself to think i might get something.
Ive no idea how many newly qualified teachers get work in Spain in a "normal" year.

If anyone knows anything about the area of TEFL in Spain, i would welcome any input. I dont mind where in Spain I go particularly- but i'd love andalucia!

Thanks for reading


User: granaina (view profile)24 Apr 2009 - 13:04
Hi Abi

I am a qualified TEFL teacher too, and I'm afraid it's never been very easy to find decent work in Spain.

Most TEFL work is in small "academias" which take children for an hour or so in the afternoons. classes are big, prices are low, and the going rate last time I looked (in 2005) was 6 euros an hour for teaching time. This is in the Granada area though, and rates may be higher in Madrid. rates for teaching "business English" are higher: up to 15 euros an hour (again possibly higher in the North and Madrid), but you will be required to do a lot of preparation. Most academias take unqualified staff.

Also, jobs are mostly part time or intermittent. Unless you are very lucky, you will need to live very frugally or take another job.

Having said that, if you have savings you could still do OK. You can always give private lessons, which are a doddle and can pay 8-12 euros an hour (in Andalucia). Also there are a few "English nurseries" which pay better than the academias (but you have to work with small children). if you find a good cheap apartment it could easily be enough

User: granaina (view profile)24 Apr 2009 - 13:05
ps some experience will help for all jobs other than the academias. can you get a job in a uk summer school before you go?

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