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Topic: Looking for work in Malaga area
User: Ed2008 (view profile)9 Sep 2008 - 18:50

I'm 29 with various business qualifications and a lot of experience in Quality & Customer Service environments. I'm currently a supervisor within an audio/visual conference centre and have a great deal of knowledge in all computer systems, bridges & software related. I'm based in the UK but am planning to move to Andalucia just after the new year. I'm a very quick learner and am willing to take on any work within driving distance of Benalmadena where I have an apartment.

Please respond if you know of any english speaking office jobs that might suit. I am a very quick learner and am willing to take on any challenge. I would also be interested to hear about any bar/factory work to tide me over - I also have experience in these areas.  

Many thanks

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