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Topic: caricaturist/artist looking for work
User: meanocks (view profile)30 Apr 2008 - 19:04
I have been a caricaturist in England for 15 years and i am finding hard to compete with rising cost of living and British weather. I know i can make a living at it if only i am in the right place ie weather and relaxed holiday atmosphere. I have no experience of Spain so wouldnt know the best places to head to, i am looking for friendly relaxed places with a chilled out vibe to them. Having no idea of where to go to is one of the only things holding my wife and i back as we are tired of the rat race and want a better quality and pace of life,without wanting to use th word a "hippyish "  place would suit !!

User: granaina (view profile)2 May 2008 - 10:16
while I don't want to put you off, do remember that the cost of living is rising in Spain too, and that wages here are much lower than in the UK, with no working families tax credit and pointlessly low child benefit. If the cost of living is the main reason for moving to Spain, don't do it. There are hippyish places in the UK, and all you have to do to have a better quality/pace of life is to change your job and move to a cheaper area.

if that doesn't pt you off, I'd recommend Granada - it's great and quite hippyish. as I say, not too many jobs though. alternatively tehre's Barcelona, but the cost of living there is quite high.

User: zania (view profile)7 Jun 2008 - 20:19
Hi meanocks,
I agree with granaina about the cost of living in Spain right now.  It isn't a cheap place to live any more.
Having said that, I would recommend Granada too.  I'm a bit of a 'hippy' and I love it here.
You don't say how you are going to sell your artwork.  Do you already have buyers or are you looking to find more in Spain?  Or do you plan to sell your work via the internet, which is the way I would definitely do this.
Another suggestion which has worked for an artist and a photographer I have met is taking your artwork around local bars and restaurants.  Work out a price and offer the bar/restaurant owner a percentage and see if you can make some extra sales that way.
Probably not quite what you had in mind, but it has worked for others (not me though - I work on the internet to pay my way here )
Whatever you decide, I wish the very best of luck to you and your family in the future.  It may be hard times for all right now, but some of us have to at least try to keep the hippy dream alive

User: meanocks (view profile)31 Aug 2008 - 15:07
yup things all over the world arent rosie but the english weather and the pace of life is our main reason for wanting to relocate , i am interested in the mention of selling on line as this is something we have made a start present we have 2 web sites one a pet portrait and caricature site the other is just an art site (selling our own work) as we are complete newbies to the internet we have trouble figuring out how people make a living from selling on line, many other artists have mention it to us before but we get real dazed by it all after a while. is the best way to go for the on line gallerys and just line them up and see what happens or promote your own site or both???? confused dot com indeed .  we do have a steady stream of work at the moment from th caricatures an pet portraits aspect, but just wish we were in a warmer more chilled country moving to hippyish parts of england is all well an good but th house prices here are getting quiet mad an besides th weather is rubbish.

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